Social Value

Corporate Social Responsibility

The corporate world is forever moving into unknown territories, which requires businesses to repeatedly adapt. We believe that in order to maintain G&L’s integrity, our values have to reflect our belief that social responsibility must be at the core of this change.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is evident throughout all our projects, be it the team on site to the people we aim to support through our actions; we are committed to practicing our ethos in every day life.

Fundamental to this is our ability to critically analyse the impact we have on the local economy, environment and broader society.

Our overarching strategy for each project is heavily influenced by these factors, as we aim to reduce our overall impact on each segment when we undertake works. By taking this approach, we hope to raise the standards of not only our own employees but those who work with us and around us.

By engaging with the local community, we can understand how a partnership and collaborative thinking can help drive the local economy and the SMEs that occupy the space.  Rather than dredge a local area, we aim to selectively pick our projects and help populate and give back to each community.


G&L Property Maintenance Ltd strives to be an equal opportunities employer and as such opposes all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

G&L Property Maintenance Ltd undertakes to implement this policy rigorously. All staff will be recruited and developed on the basis of their ability and the requirements of the job or services. We provide guidance and encouragement to staff at all levels to act fairly and prevent discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation, or religion.